"Bright Moon" Scholarship Foundation

While it may seem easy to dream of attending school, many Vietnamese studious children who live in remote mountainous areas still encounter numerous difficulties in their pursuit of a high school education as well as universities. These challenges are largely caused by the harsh living conditions, the consequences of wars, and the unique circumstances of each family.

To support these poor studious students endeavour in the educational discipline, the "Bright Moon" Scholarship Foundation was established in 2023 by the hearts of Dr. Truong Cong Hoang Son and Mrs. Tran Thi Le Thuy. The foundation has also received support from many domestic and international organisations and individuals. We hope the scholarship eases parts of their life difficulties, wings their dreams come true, and warms their hearts.

Our long-term objectives of the foundation are to find, select, and award scholarships to studious students who have difficult living situations in Krong Buk, a district of Dak Lak province in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. The principle of the foundation is entirely voluntary and non-profitable.

We wish to contribute to rural society's education as well as make the “Bright Moon” Scholarship Foundation a steady fund for poor studious students yearly. We look forward to the contributions and support from organisations, businesses, individuals, and the community who wish to take care of Vietnamese future generations.

Truong Cong Hoang Son 

Bright Moon Scholarship 2023 

Our first award ceremony was held on December 18, 2023, at Buon Ho High School, Krongbuk district, Daklak province. Thirty studious students with excellent academic results were awarded the Bright Moon scholarship. More can be found at: link