Photos taken throughout my life

AMOS 2024, ACT, 5-9 Feb. 2024  

Key point: our RCM model, CCAM, can reproduce a cat-5 TC at 12.5 km

SISTER's Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony - 26 sEPTEMBER 2023

Chúc mừng cô Còi 😄

Jan. 2018 (left to right): father, sister, mother

Sonny's Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony - 19 December 2022

beautiful flowers in pandemic

Field voyage with the Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC) campaign (11 November 2019 - 18 December 2019)

science team

balloon team

early afternoon cloud

morning cloud


Storm was coming


A calm day

AMOS 2019 Conference in Darwin (2019)

ice breaker night 

a relaxing lizard

a lonely tree

cheers !!!

My wife at Melbourne University (2019)

South Korea time (2015)

my first winter viewing from dormitory

cherry blossom in South Korea

an unforgettable moment while hiking in Busan, South Korea

following my supervisor's path

Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”  ― Roy T. Bennett